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The Evaluation of Lyric and Ode in English Literature

Greek song was divided into two classes – melic or lyric song, which was sung by a single voice to the accompaniment of a lyre; and choric song. The first of these divisions is responsible for the Lyric as we know in English verse. The Lyric can be divided into three distinct parts, corresponding to the three moods through which the poet passes when inspired by some emotion…

The short stories and their account

This paper throws the light on how short stories came and existed in English language. It also helps to find the correct way in which the short stories have their notability in English literature. As early as Chaucer there were short stories in verse, for his Canterbury Tales are stories put into the mouths of travelling pilgrims; but a proper prose medium was lacking in the English of the time, and although Chaucer’s Parson…

The Dramatic Art and Execution

This paper shows the way for drama and fiction. A play has a plot , characters, dialogues, an atmosphere, and an outlook on life much as a novel has but it is as a rule intended to be performed in public, not read in private…

English Semantics and their background with reference to Middle English

The paper intends to brings forth the semantic system and the influence of different other countries on English language. The causes of semantic change are multiple and usually undetectable from a distance of several centuries…

A critical study :Character of Marcus Brutus

The paper is about detailed description of Marcus Brutus in William Shakespeare “Julius Caesar”. Brutus is the dramatic hero of “Julius Caesar”. Brutus is a patriot to the back bone. He loves his country more than anything else. He loves Rome, the Romans and their freedom and honour…

English Literature and the Reflections of the Society: Middle English

The paper is about the conditions prevailed and literature that was there in Middle English period. Latin was the only respectable language for serious literature and the only language for an international audience, and would remain so for several centuries to come .French was the language of the upper classes, and this Anglo-French dialect was, in fact, the vehicle of some of the best writing done in French anywhere during the period.…

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