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Paper Title:Review: The Question of The Canon, Modern British Women Playwrights by Elaine Aston and Janelle Reinelt
Author Name:Hameed Abdulameer Hameed Alkhafaji
Department of English Language, AlToosi University
Paper ID:IJOES-6.06.01


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Paper Title:An Ecofeminism Depiction of women and Nature in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
Author Name:Pragya Singh Parmar Dr. Mursalin Jahan
Paper ID:IJOES-6.06.02


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Paper Title:Analyses of Narratological features present in the Shiva Trilogy
Author Name:1.Amish Tripathi
2.Dr.Mandvi Singh
1.Vasundhra Rathee Kadian (PhD Scholar) 2.(Associate Professor)DepartmentofEnglishandModern European LanguageBanasthaliVidyapith
Paper ID:IJOES-6.06.03


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Paper Title:The Novels Of Bhabani Bhattacharya:A Survey Of Plot Structures
Author Name:1.Deepshikha Upadhyay
2.Research Supervisor: Dr. Mursalin Jahan
1.VResearch Scholar Enrol No: 2100142 Department Of Languages Integral University Lucknow 2.Assistant Professor, Department: Languages Faculty Of Humanities And Social Sciences Integral University, Lucknow
Paper ID:IJOES-6.06.04


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