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Volume 5, Issue 10(October)

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Paper Title:The Unique Power of Comics: A Comprehensive Exploration of the VisualVerbal Medium and Its Impact on Storytelling, Communication, and Culture
Author Name:Sadiya Nasira Al Faruque
Research Scholar, Department of English, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India
Paper ID:IJOES-5.10.01


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Author Name:Akshita Singh
MA (English)
Paper ID:IJOES-5.10.02


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Paper Title:Ecofeminism and Environmentalism in India: A Critique
Author Name:Dr Niraj Kumar Singh
Associate Professor of History, Maharaja Agrasen College,(University of Delhi)
Paper ID:IJOES-5.10.03


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Paper Title:A Qualitative Content Analysis of Violent Representations in Animated Cartoons
Author Name:1.K.Shanmugapriya...2.Dr. G. Christopher
1.Research Scholar, School of Social Sciences and Languages, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India, Pin: 632014, ORCID id: 0000-0001-9133-8530 2.Assistant Professor Senior, School of Social Sciences and Languages, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India, ORCID id: 0000-0002-8536-2574
Paper ID:IJOES-5.10.03


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Paper Title:Embracing Hybrid and Transformational Approach for Teaching and Learning: A Paradigm Shift in English Language Teaching (ELT)
Author Name:1.Lakshmi B...2.Dr. P. Nagaraj
1.Ph.D. Research Scholar, The Department of English and Foreign Languages, Bharathiar University-641046 2.The Head of the Department, The Department of English and Foreign Languages, Bharathiar University-641046
Paper ID:IJOES-5.10.04


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Paper Title:Translation Method and Equivalence of Interrogative Sentences in Subtitles “Emily in Paris Season 2”
Author Name:Annisa Prasetyawati Paundrianagari, I Nyoman Sedeng, Ni Luh Ketut Mas Indrawati
Udayana University
Paper ID:IJOES-5.10.06


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Paper Title:Modus Operandi of Propaganda and Instillation of Fear Against and For a Nation in Orwell’s “1984” and “Animal Farm”
Author Name:1.Soshat Kumar...2.Dr.Aroonima Sinha
1. Research Scholar, Department of English, Lalit Narayan Mithila University....2.Retd. Professor & Ex H.O.D, University Department of English, L.N.M.U, Darbhanga, Bihar
Paper ID:IJOES-5.10.07


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Paper Title:Performing on the Narrative Techniques in Fowles’ The French Lieutenant’s Woman
Author Name:Aditi,
Independent Researcher, New Delhi, India
Paper ID:IJOES-5.10.09


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Paper Title:A Postmodernist Reading of the Cityscape in the Select Novels of Thrity Umrigar
Author Name:Rudach Laxmiben Ransurbhai
Ph.D. Scholar, (USLM, Karnavati University)
Paper ID:IJOES-5.10.11


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Paper Title:Indigenous Ecotopia in Easterine Kire: A Reading of Son of the Thundercloud and Sky is My Father
Author Name:Padhiyar Santokba Karubha
Ph.D. Scholar (USLM Karnavati University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat)
Paper ID:IJOES-5.10.12


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Paper Title:Glimpses of Neoliberal Ideology In George R R Martin’s ‘Game of Thrones’
Author Name:1.Mr.Bhagvat Ramnath Dhesale...2.Dr. Umesh Dattatray Kamble
1.Research Student, MES’s ACS College, Sonai, Tal.- Newasa, Dist. Ahmednagar. Mob. No. 9834292207,Email id:- bhagvat.dhesale007@gmail.com..........2.Professor & Research Guide,MES’s ACS College, Sonai, Tal. - Newasa, Dist. Ahmednagar Mob. No. 8975534637,Email Id:- pbtumesh@gmail.com
Paper ID:IJOES-5.10.12


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Paper Title:A Study of the Humanistic Elements in the novel “Bodily Natures” by Stacy Alaimo
Author Name:1.Dr Klinsa Kurien...2.Dr C Vijay Bhaskar
1.Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities, Acropolis Institute of Management Studies and Research, Indore...........2.Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering (Autonomous),Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR),Kalavakkam 603 110,Tamil Nadu, India
Paper ID:IJOES-5.10.13


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Paper Title:A Psychoanalytic Study In Chetan Bhagat’s “The Girl In Room 105”
Author Name:1.Mageswari A...2.Ms Maria Abisha Rani M
1.II M.A English, Don Bosco College Co_Ed Yelagiri Hills Tirupattur,Tamilnadu...........2.M.A.,B.Ed.,NET,Don Bosco College Co_Ed Yelagiri Hills Tirupattur
Paper ID:IJOES-5.10.14


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Paper Title:Nothingness and Absurdity: Locating Existentialist Themes in Heart of Darkness
Author Name:Dr Sumneet Kaur
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar
Paper ID:IJOES-5.10.15


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Paper Title:"Rethinking Caste through Gandhi and Ambedkar's Dialogues"
Author Name:Dr. Mangesh H. Kadam
Assist. Prof. –Asst. Director (social Sciences), Centre for Distance Education, SNDT Womens University, Mumbai-400049
Paper ID:IJOES-5.10.16


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