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Volume 4, Issue 10(October)

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Paper Title:Decisions of Oneself Can Change Once Life – a Study on Tishaa's Novel Pink or Black
Author Name:S.Sushmitha
M.A., B.Ed (English)
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.01

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.01

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Paper Title:A Postcolonial Analysis of The Relationship between Colonizer and the Colonized in The Shadow Lines
Author Name:Akash Borchetia, MA in English, Tezpur University,
Tezpur, India
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.02

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.02

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Paper Title:The Conceptualization of Human Rights: Indian Mythology, Constitution and Analysis on the Literary works of Indian Writers
Author Name:1.Jyothsna Devi Vadnala 2.Dr R. Meghana Rao ,
1.Research Scholar,2. Department of English, Kakatiya University
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.03

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.03

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Paper Title:The Muffled Voice in Anita Desai's Fasting Feasting
Author Name:Dr. Riazul Hoque,
Associate Professor, Deptt. Of English, Rupahi College, P.O. Rupahi,District. Nagaon, Assam- 782125
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.04

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.04

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Paper Title:Nightmare as Reality: An Existential Analysis of The Trial
Author Name:Shernaz Cam
Associate Professor, Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.05

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.05

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Paper Title:An Applying Ecocriticism to the story "The Ultimate Safari" by Nadine Gordimer
Author Name:Arunakumari S,
Assistant Professor, Division of Languages, School of Life Sciences, JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, Mysuru
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.06

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.06

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Paper Title:Is Nora a Victim of Sexual Politics of the Patriarchal Society or of Penis Envy?: A Critical Analysis on Ibsen's A Doll's House
Author Name:1.Md.Hafijur Rahman,2.*& Md.Eftekhairul
1.*PhD Research Fellow, Department of English, Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh 2.Ph D Research Fellow, Department of English, Kalinga University, Raipur, India
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.07

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.07

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Paper Title:Violence, Brutality and Exploitation in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness:the Post-Colonial Perceptions
Author Name:Dr.Mahesh Kumar
Assistant Professor of English, Government College, Kharkhara, Rewari (Haryana)-123106
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.08

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.08

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Paper Title:Murder for Freedom: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Maya struggling with the Female Oedipus complex in Cry, the Peacock
Author Name:Shivangi Kumari (Shivangi Saumya)
Research Scholar (independent), Gupta, Gali Road,Birpur, Bihar, 854340
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.09

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.09

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Paper Title:Distinctive aspects of the 'Pinteresque' menace: A study of Harold Pinter's The Dumb Waiter
Author Name:Dr. Mini.V.S
Asst Professor, Dept of English, St. Xavier's College for Women, Aluva.
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.10

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.10

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Paper Title:Transformation/Translation: Possibilities of adaptations
Author Name:Muralikrishnan T.R
Professor, Sreesankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady,Ernakulam
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.10

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.11

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Paper Title:Thangam: The Depiction of Trans Trauma in a Heteronormative Society
Author Name:Maryam Salim
Research Scholar, TKM College of Arts and Science,Kerala University Postal Address: House no:64, Salim Manzil, Jubilee Nagar, Kallattumukku, Manacaud PO Trivandrum - 695009
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.12

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.11

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Paper Title:Obliteration of Female: A Review of Shakespeare’s Victimization of Women
Author Name:Shahla Nasiri,
PhD Student, Karaj Islamic Azad University,Uni 6., No. 70., 14th St., 2nd Dehqan Villa, Karaj, Iran. Postal code: 3139794935
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.13

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.13

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Paper Title:Optimism and Pessimism in Purdah I and Pardah Nashin by Imtiaz Dharker and Sarojini Naidu
Author Name:M.Seeni Sulthan Ibrahim,
Asst.Prof. of English, Syed Hameedha Arts And Science College,Kilakarai,Ramanathapuram (Dist)
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.13

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.14

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Paper Title:Analytical Study of Post Covid Reading Patterns: A Case Study of First Year Home Science students
Author Name:Vrushali Nagarale
Associate Professor in English, SNDT College of Home Science, Karve Road Pune 411038
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.16

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.16

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Paper Title:A Critical Study of Gothic Fiction with Special Reference to Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Author Name:Amisha Srivastava
Student of English Literature, University of Lucknow
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.17

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.17

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Paper Title:Gender Quotas and Political Representation of Women in India: Caste and Religious Perspectives in WRB.
Author Name:Dr.P.Sreenivasulu,
Lecturer in Political Science, Sri Sreenivasa Degree College, Somala, Chittoor District,Andhra Pradesh
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.18

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.18

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Paper Title:Voicing the Voice of the Gay: An Analysis of Select Works of Fiction and Non-Fiction in Yaraana: Gay Writings from South Asia
Author Name:Dr.Sumneet Kaur,
Assistant Professor in the Department of English, Guru Nanak Dev University.
Paper ID:IJOES-4.10.19

πŸ‘‰ :DOI:10.47311/IJOES.2022.4.10.19

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